About The Club

The Plainview Municipal Country Club was established in 1943 through a unique collaboration between the City of Plainview and local private citizens. The city owned land designated for a Municipal Golf Course, while a group of residents aimed to create a country club for social and recreational purposes. This partnership led to the inception of the Plainview Municipal Country Club. Over the years, the club has evolved significantly, including the replacement of the original clubhouse in 1995 with the current structure.

In addition to the exclusive PCC Clubhouse for members, a spacious ballroom, smaller meeting rooms, and a lobby were added to serve as the City of Plainview Civic Center, available for public rental. The championship golf course serves a dual role, catering to PCC members and the general public as the City of Plainview Municipal Golf Course, with public access through green fees, albeit with weekend restrictions. This unique collaboration distinguishes the PCC as an exceptional club nationwide.

Presently, the PCC offers its members a championship golf course, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse hosting the Lounge, the 19th Hole, the Grille restaurant, and meeting facilities. Additionally, the PCC oversees the Civic Center and the Municipal Golf Course for the City of Plainview. Whether it’s a private PCC event, a member function, or a public gathering hosted by the city, all visitors are to be treated with the utmost service and respect upon entering our premises.